Buccaneer Delft is an accelerator for young technology companies active in the energy and offshore sectors.

Our mission is to enhance and fast-track these young companies’ commercial success. Our program offers concrete growth support, focused on bringing young entrepreneurs in contact with experts and each other to exchange knowledge and ideas. The companies we serve are ambitious, have an innovative technology product for the energy and/or offshore sector, and have a scalable business model.


Are you looking for high quality and facilitated office spaces in a classic monumental environment with an inside connection to the energy and offshore sector? Are you an ambitious scale-up company? Then you have found your ideal match. Spaces can be rented turnkey or upholstered for one month or more. Buccaneer is a shared facility building, providing all office related services such as internet, reception and of course lunch and coffee. And we have all the inside knowledge available in the offshore and energy industry.

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Being who we are, makes us the perfect host for network events, brainstorm sessions and workshops. Looking to follow an interesting lecture about future developments? Just check our Agenda. We help companies achieve commercial success faster by offering support, both practical and intellectual.

We have a vast network of experienced entrepreneurs who are driven by technology and innovation. Our inside knowledge and connections are the ideal springboard to success.

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You and your company want to grow, but you are not sure how. Of course setting up your business is always a case of trial and error, so why not benefit of our years of experience and inside knowledge of the energy and offshore market? Imagine the head start your company will get, and we are not even talking about the opportunities having your offices in such an inspiring atmosphere will give you.

Join us now in our ‘personal growth program’, available for 100 or for 1000 days.

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