Buccaneer Delft Accelerator


We’re in it together. Custom programs, network entry, market insight, launching customers, HSE, prototype workshops and more. At Buccaneer, focus is on you. Every business is unique and we don’t do one-size-fits-all. In contrast, we constitute an expert sparring partner and provide in-depth assistance that is fully optimized with respect to the growth of your company.

Scale-ups from the Energy & Offshore industry find at Buccaneer Delft a place to spur their technology; to grow, to build a strong team, to develop sustainable business models and to obtain a healthy position in the market.

What we have to offer

  • Partner Network

    Gain access to our exclusive network of industry partners and knowledge institutes and meet potential partners and investors.

  • Coaching

    Grow in entrepreneurship and learn how to optimize your business from experienced entrepreneurs.

  • Peer Learning

    Co-create with other scale-ups and learn from your peers and fellow founders.

  • Training

    Learn from our experts and participate in topic-focused-sessions and training events.

  • Development Support

    Develop your technology into a mature product that fits the needs of your client.

  • Community

    Join the community and enjoy a continuous influx of opportunities, right on the doorstep of your office.

  • Launching Customer

    Engage your first true fan and customer with whom you bring your product to the next level.

  • Industry Meetings & Events

    Meet others from the Energy & Offshore industry, join our monthly ‘Energy Talks&Drinks’, share ideas and become involved in the energy transition.


“Being part of a large network is one of the great advantages for scale-ups based at Buccaneer Delft.” Erik Nijveld – Deployment Matters


Community & Support

Accelerate & Growth

Market Ready

“Sparring with fellow Buccaneers about industry related challenges is very helpful.” Karel Roozen – Next Ocean