AeroDelft is a student team of more than 50 active students. The project has the mission to prove and show that liquid hydrogen is the alternative to conventional jet fuels. They do this through the development of two aircraft, the Phoenix Prototype and the Phoenix Full Scale.

The Phoenix PT is a 1:3 scale model of an e-Genius electric glider, which is completely self-built and designed to fly on liquid hydrogen. At the moment the structure is finished and the internal electronic components are being integrated. What the students learn from this project is applied to the Phoenix FS, which is a Sling 4 kit aircraft. The design and internal systems have been modified to accommodate the liquid hydrogen propulsion system. This aircraft is currently being built in our workshop.

“At Buccaneer we have access to the broad network of start-ups and scale-ups, some of which started as a student team like ours. This inspiring location in the center of Delft is perfect for our team to work at!”

Telephone: +31 (0)6 19524106

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