Will we meet your expectations? Looking back on a successful personal leadership workshop

13 February 2024 | Accelerator

As a founder, or manager you often have to manage your own and other people’s expectations. You thought that you had a great meeting with a potential client, but after a few weeks, it seemed that you were not on the same page. Or, the results of assignments within your team differ from what you had in mind.

Managing these expectations can be tricky. During this personal leadership masterclass guided by Anne Wernands from the School of Life and Seriena Bal from CREST Collective we got a sneak peek at how our human brain works and got tools to better manage our expectations. In addition, it is very important to continue working on this subject and take moments for self-reflection. From the Buccaneer, we are of course there to help.

We would really like to thank our community for eagerly participating in this workshop. We hope it gave you some new insights and perspectives on expectation management. Furthermore, we would like to thank Anne Wernands and Seriena Bal for facilitating this workshop.

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