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Powering the future together: Ørsted joins Buccaneers’ high-quality partner network

4 September 2023 | Partners

Great news! The global leader in offshore wind, Ørsted, joined the partner network of Buccaneer Delft and is ready to help innovation in the Dutch energy sector. Mattijs Bolk, Head of Ventures and Open Innovation at Ørsted  Netherlands, shared his thoughts on this partnership and the kind of innovations that Ørsted is looking for.  

“Ørsted is the global market leader in developing offshore wind. We have the ambition to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. We do not only expand our offshore wind efforts, but we also invest in onshore wind, solar and power-to-x and hydrogen solutions. In the Netherlands we operate our Borssele 1&2 windfarm, and we have offices in The Hague and in Vlissingen.” 

The offshore wind developers play a crucial part in the energy transition. So, we are very excited that Ørsted joined our partner network. By partnering up with Ørsted we believe we can really boost innovation in the energy sector.

Kirsten Ruiter, managing director Buccaneer Delft

You have partnered up with Buccaneer Delft, an accelerator for innovations in the energy & maritime sector. Why did Ørsted became a partner of the Buccaneer?  

“Ørsted works as closely as possible with the creators, supporters, and adopters of green energy innovations. To do this, we partner with and invest in organizations such as start-ups, academic institutions, private equity firms, and businesses in adjacent sectors, helping them turn their ideas into solutions that can deliver real-world impact.  

We believe that partnering up with the Buccaneer, a well-known energy & maritime community in the Netherlands, is a great way to get in touch with new startups & innovations. Next to that we can also meet with partners of the Buccaneer, industry leaders who also believe that we need to stimulate innovation in order to accelerate the energy transition. Lastly the Buccaneer is just a great place to be, so we are very happy to partner up and come here more often.” 

Facing challenges that we can’t solve on our own 

For our community of innovators, it is interesting to get in touch with companies like Ørsted, who really aim to accelerate the energy transition. Can you describe what kind of innovations you are looking for? 

 “Yes, first off, I would look forward to get in touch with the Buccaneer community in general. We want to reach our ambitions, we need to overcome various challenges; efficiently developing wind farms offshore, energy storage and power-to-x solutions and innovations that could help with challenges involving circularity and biodiversity. I hope that we meet interesting parties which whom we can accelerate the transition.” 

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