The Netherlands and Curaçao Sign Agreement to Prepare for Floating Wind Energy and Hydrogen Production

28 May 2024 | Ecosystem

We are very pleased with the collaboration between the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK), the Domestic Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK), and the Ministry of General Affairs and Foreign relations (AZ) en the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) of Curaçao. On May 24th, they signed an agreement to prepare for the production of offshore floating wind energy to realize  the establishment of a hydrogen production value chain in Curaçao. This agreement offers significant growth and innovation opportunities for the governments, industries and knowledge partners involved in both countries.

In the coming period, the technical, logistical, and operational technical challenges will be coordinated with organizations that are experts in floating offshore wind and green hydrogen and derivates production. This will include the development of a small-scale demonstrator with the aim to create a scalable hydrogen production site to fully exploit the wind energy potential in Curaçao (up to 10 GW).

In the Netherlands, the business sector’s contributions will be coordinated by three associations: IRO, the association for Dutch suppliers in the offshore energy industry; NedZero, the association for wind energy; and NLHydrogen, the association for the hydrogen sector.

Buccaneer Delft has been following this project with great interest from day one. This project offers innovative companies the chance to test new technologies in floating offshore wind and the production and transportation of green hydrogen. We are closely involved in an expert working group for this project. This provides us with the opportunity to address the needs of innovative startups from the initial phase of development.