FLASC & Tree Composites selected as finalists in the NL Startup Competition

26 April 2024 | Accelerator and Buccaneers

“We couldn’t be more proud to not see one, but two of our Buccaneers selected as finalists in the NL Startup Competition in the field of the Energy Transition. We want to congratulate both FLASC, Tree Composites, and their teams for their dedication and hard work.”

The first NL Startup Competition is organized by Upstream, MT/Sprout, Golden Egg Check and Erasmus Enterprise, in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam, the Municipality of Rotterdam, V.O. Patents & Trademarks, Rabobank and Erasmus University Rotterdam. It aims to boost the most promising innovations developed in four categories: Social, Digital, Energy Transition and Circular/Sustainable.

The Finalists

Social impact

  • Pal Digital
  • Subul Impact Outsourcing
  • TeachBuddy
  • ChatLicense

Digital Innovation

  • Syntho
  • Twin AI
  • Spatialise
  • I See U baby care

Energy Transition

  • Avoxt
  • iON-Energy
  • Tree Composites

Circular & Sustainable Solutions

  • Back to Battery
  • Coastruction
  • Kumasi Drinks
  • Nature’s Principles

Our Buccaneers

FLASC: FLASC is a start-up working on non-battery energy storage for offshore applications. It is tackling a fundamental problem: the mismatch between renewable energy supply and consumer demand.

Their technology is tailor-made for the offshore market, leveraging existing infrastructure and established supply chains. FLASC’s solution combines the principles of pumped hydro with compressed air using a patented hydro-pneumatic technology to offer a safe, reliable and cost-effective energy storage solution

Tree Composites: Tree Composites introduces the TC-Joint, a novel technology based on composite as an alternative to the complex welded joints in multi-membered tubular structures. They design and manufacture TC-Joints with superior performance over welded joints. With this technology we provide solutions to assemble multi-membered structures with less material and at the same time increase the production rate at the construction yard.

The TC-Joint applies to a wide variety of industries, but we put our efforts into the industry where we can make the greatest impact, offshore structures. Continuous effort is put into reaching new levels of certification, and developing new tools and knowledge. From this point on, we look forward to develop our joint technology to its full potential. Paving the path towards more sustainable renewable energy.


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