eFuelution joins the Buccaneer community

30 November 2023 | Buccaneers and Meet the Innovator

We are very happy to introduce a new Buccaneer community member, eFuelution. As a project development consultancy company, eFuelution develops hydrogen energy projects that bring world-class innovation to life. From concept development and feasibility studies to the production and storage of hydrogen with hydrogen carriers such as ethanol, ammonia, and methanol: eFuelution does it all. The team consists of experienced entrepreneurs who set their mission to fight climate change and accelerate the energy transition. Jan Thijs Maatman, co-founder of eFuelution tells more about their adventure and why they became a member of the Buccaneer community.

How did your journey with eFuelution start?

“Our adventure started not long ago, in 2022. Over the past years, I noticed a very strong trend in which our society wants to become sustainable and is eager to act. With wind and solar energy our energy supply has become more sustainable, but this also causes an overload of our electricity network on certain days. To convert energy to hydrogen can be a solution, but where do you start in this new market? For our clients who want to produce and use hydrogen, it is hard to oversee these projects with their complexity. We operate in a fragmented sector, meaning that it is hard to have a strong overview of the size and costs of a project. This makes parties more hesitant to go for it. With eFuelution we want to become the go-to player to help companies and/or individuals with developing these domestic scale hydrogen projects.”

“We can make a difference in developing domestic scale hydrogen production, preferably linked to local solar and wind farms. We do so with our in-house simulation programs. They can provide us with the lowest cost price for a kilogram of hydrogen based on various patterns in wind- solar and grid energy. With our knowledge and expertise, we offer an overview of the project with all its components, making it easier to say yes to for a client.”

We want to become the go-to player to help companies and/or individuals with developing domestic scale hydrogen projects.

Jan Thijs Maatman, co-founder eFuelution

What are the anticipated benefits of your move to the Buccaneer?

“For me, it is lovely to be back in Delft. Back in the days, I studied in Delft so I kept warm feelings for this city. And having our office in a venue like the Buccaneer even makes me more excited. For us, it is a great opportunity to get in touch with all these innovative companies and people, who also thrive to accelerate the energy transition. “

“Furthermore, Delft is a great place for us to get in touch with the next generation students. The TU Delft is incredible and I’m really impressed by the capabilities of students these days. It feels like they have more experience in presenting and sales, but also have the technical capabilities that we find important. So, it is really exciting to see what this could bring us.”