Bluelands: Revolutionizing Housing with Innovative Floating Platforms

7 February 2024 | Buccaneers

In the face of challenges like housing shortages, land constraints, and climate-related threats, Bluelands emerges as a beacon of innovation and resilience. Developed by the experienced Blue21 team, with over 16 years of success in floating projects, Bluelands is not just a housing solution but a transformative response to the pressing issues of our time.

Bluelands stands out as a lightweight floating platform designed for scalable and modular construction on water. From individual homes to floating neighborhoods, Bluelands facilitates diverse possibilities. The mission is clear: accelerate the development and production of adaptive floating systems to address the growing need for sustainable land.

Constructing a prototype at the Green Village

In December Blue21 successfully constructed a prototype at the Green Village. The construction of the platform was completed within five days by just two workers, exemplifying the efficiency of the modular system. Measuring 7 by 5 meters, the small-scale floating platform showcases a lightweight superstructure, demonstrating the feasibility of mass-producing floating platforms.

Currently, the platform undergoes stability and performance assessments under real-world conditions, ensuring safety and durability, along with environmental impact assessment in collaboration with their sister company, Indymo, a company specialized in dynamic underwater monitoring.

The future of floating construction

Bluelands is pioneering a new era in housing solutions, where innovation meets sustainability. With its lightweight floating platforms and commitment to a resilient future, Bluelands is not just a project; it’s a visionary step towards redefining how we approach housing and land use. The success of the prototype is a testament to the dedication of the Blue21 team and a promising glimpse into the transformative potential of Bluelands on a global scale.