iTanks Techniekfestival

On the 31st of May Buccaneer Delft has a stand at the iTanks Techniekfestival which we share with the innovators Blue21 & Speeder Systems.

The iTanks Techniekfestival brings together innovators, partners, questions, solutions, exhibitors, speakers, listeners, knowledge institutes, change makers and future colleagues in the Onderzeebootloods at RDM Rotterdam. Meet, Inspire, Innovate and Learn. Make sure to register and visit our stand. Will we see you there?


Blue21 is the world’s leading company providing design, engineering and consultancy in realizing floating urban and maritime projects. With their expertise in floating innovations and building strategic partnership worldwide, they are dedicated to solving the grand challenges of the 21st century: rising sea levels, climate change and urbanization.

Speeder Systems

The future of green shipping. Speeders will make shipping faster, cleaner, cheaper, more flexible and on demand.  Speeders are going to be the new tools to deliver, inspect, research or rescue.




09:00 - 18:00


RDM-straat 3089
Rotterdam The Netherlands