Founders Breakfast | Upstream Growth Day

Together with all the start- and scale-up hubs in Delft*, we are organizing a special (free) breakfast event for founders. A great opportunity to meet, network and share experiences with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the event is to foster a sense of community among founders, share knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences.

We will kick off with a short icebreaker, followed by insights from seasoned founders. Afterwards, we invite you to take part in the discussion and share your challenges and successes with the group.

This event is organized in light of the Upstream Festival. Check out Upstream Festival 2023 | Connecting Change Makers for more information and the programme.

*YES!Delft, NEXT Delft, Planet.Bio, Buccaneer Delft, Quantum Delft, Aerospace Innovation Hub, RoboHouse.




08:30 - 10:30


Firma van Buiten
Thijsseweg 1
2629 JA Delft The Netherlands