Buccaneer LEGO Contest

Turning into kids in a blink of a second

Last month Buccaneer Delft organized a LEGO contest for the Buccaneer community. Six of our startup companies created the most amazing LEGO structures in a short amount of time.  Our Buccaneers got the challenge to build a LEGO structure that represented their startup in less than one hour. This seems like quite the challenge, but not for them. They combined teamwork with lots of creativity and passion, resulting in the most amazing creations. Afterwards each team had to pitch their creation to the jury. In the end it was a close call but the overall winner of the first LEGO contest was Next Ocean with a close 2nd Tree Composites and 3rd

Meet the participants and their creations

Blue21 focusses on opportunities that water provides to solve the most urgent global problems, like climate change, population growth and land scarcity. Their LEGO structure shows their dream. A sustainable, floating city providing in all needs. And yes, the LEGO structure did float.

The team of Flying Fish created a beautiful structure incorporating everything they work on, to create a more sustainable maritime industry. The data cloud is there for the digital solutions they offer, the boat with a hydrofoil system flies over the water while using less energy and the outstanding hydrogen-powered yellow water taxi is not to miss as well. And let’s not forget the ramp in the back of the structure, because in the end Flying Fish wants to fly to great heights by being part of our accelerator.

A giant wind turbine next to a much smaller offshore vessel. Installation seems impossible, but yet this is what HES aims to change. Combining their strong analytical skills with many years of offshore experience, HES helps their clients with the most challenging offshore operations.

Finishing third the team of did an amazing job. They built the most amazing robot, combining a variety of hydrogen-powered vehicles that they developed, are developing or will develop in the near future. Creativity at its best!

A team with a mission and with quite some attention for detail. Tree Composites built their ‘future’ production hall and gained a second place in the LEGO contest. You can see all kinds of machinery with which they develop the special jacket foundations for offshore renewables. And not to miss is the remarkable yellow windmill, of course held together by the composite joints.

The winner of the first LEGO Contest. At first we didn’t know what we were looking at but their pitch explained everything.

Not only do we see the Wavepredictor of Next Ocean predicting extreme wave motions minutes ahead of time. They also embraced their team members by visualizing them into unique LEGO pieces. But the masterpiece is seen in the background, a giant working slingshot.

We congratulate Next Ocean with this winning masterpiece!




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