Cancelled: Energy Talks & Drinks | November

Due to storm Ciarán we feel obligated to cancel tonight’s Energy Talks & Drinks.

With code orange, the advice is to stay home and don’t travel unless this is necessary. We don’t want to cause any unnecessary problems with you or our staff travelling to our venue for this event.

We are still very excited about tonight’s theme and speakers and so we will move this theme to another occasion.

D:DREAM Teams: How student teams change the industry

TU Delft is known worldwide for its successful student teams; winning awards and setting world records. These, so-called, D:Dream Teams,are completely controlled by the motivated students themselves. With a new international and interdisciplinary team each year, they compete in competitions to highlight technical innovation that powerfully contribute to a better future.

On the 2nd of November we share our stage with three award winning D:Dream Teams. The Hydro Motion Team became world champion in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, Delft Hyperloop won multiple prizes at the European Hyperloop Week in Edinburgh and Forze built the world’s first hydrogen electric race car. How did these teams get so succesful, what are their objectives for the upcoming years and how do their innovations accelerate the energy transition? Find it out during our next Energy Talks & Drinks!


Hydro Motion Team
The Hydro Motion team has set their mission to accelerate the energy transition in the maritime sector. Their hydrogen powered boat with hydrofoil technology won the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge and they are planning to take on a new challenge to further improve the boat this year. 

Delft Hyperloop
Meet Delft Hyperloop, a D:Dream Team consisting of 35 engineering students at the Delft University of Technology. Established in 2016 and motivated by Elon Musk’s pioneering vision, this group has been working towards realizing a climate-neutral, scalable Hyperloop system. Delft Hyperloop is anticipated to become the future of sustainable high-speed transportation, reaching astonishing speeds of over 1000 km/h. Operating as a non-profit team, Delft Hyperloop commits to nurturing innovation and breaking boundaries each year by pushing the limits of technology. We invite you to explore the journey and achievements of Delft Hyperloop at the Energy Talks & Drinks.

Forze Hyrdogen Racing
Student team Forze was called to life in 2007 to bring a positive contribution to the sustainability of the mobility industry. With over 60 passionate and talented students from Delft University of Technology, Forze built the world’s first hydrogen electric race car. The goal of the team is to promote the use of hydrogen technology in motorsports. Over the course of the fifteen years of Forze’s existence, nine race cars have been built, each one quicker than the previous.




17:30 - 19:30


Buccaneer Delft
Paardenmarkt 1
2611 PA Delft The Netherlands