Energy Talks & Drinks XL | Hydrogen; breaking barriers for future innovations

Hydrogen is one of the key ingredients of our future energy system. With hydrogen we can reduce carbon emissions and achieve our Net Zero ambition. That’s why many projects and initiatives throughout the Netherlands unfold. But where hydrogen plays a crucial role in the energy transition, we also notice certain questions and discussions keep surrounding it.

How can we solve the chicken & egg discussion surrounding the hydrogen distribution and infrastructure? How can we develop a hydrogen infrastructure in cost-effective, carbon-neutral and circular way? And how do we break barriers for innovative start-ups to contribute to the solutions in this field?  

We adress all these questions during our Energy Talks & Drinks XL, which we organize in collaboration with TKI Wind op Zee and Maritime Delta. A packed program, with a variety of speakers and lots of room for discussions. Therefore, this edition starts a bit earlier, at 17:00 hrs. So join in and let’s break barriers for innovations in the hydrogen chain.

When: Thursday 6 April, starting at 17:00 hrs. Please be aware, this is a bit earlier than usual!
Where: Buccaneer Delft; Paardenmarkt 1, 2611 PA Delft


  • 17:00 – 17:30 hrs. Walk-in
  • 17:30 – 17:45 hrs. Welcome and introduction
  • 17:45 – 18:30 hrs. Panel discussion: Breaking barriers for future innovation in the hydrogen chain
  • 18:30 – 19:30 hrs. Networking & drinks


Bob Meijer and Arjan Hofmann both from TKI Wind op Zee will be moderating this session. TKI Wind op Zee was one of the driving forces behind the knowledge platform HEROW, which aims to develop and share all the essential knowledge and capacity to produce green hydrogen offshore and transport it to end-users


  • Els de Wit, program coordinator at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management: Rijkswaterstaat has the goal to improve accessibility, air quality and to reduce noise, air pollution and CO2 emissions caused by traffic and transportation. Hydrogen has a major part to play in this challenge.
  • Jan Bot, co-founder of is specialized in the development, production and integration of hydrogen fuel cell systems. Enabling the emission-free propulsion and operation of vehicles.
  • Jamie Frew, co-founder of 12toZero: With HyFloat 12toZero aims to harness the vast potential of offshore wind and provide a reliable stream of hydrogen. At scale, and at low cost, to enable a fully decarbonized global energy system.
  • Michel Tamarzians, program manager of H2storage: H2storage has an alternative solution to store hydrogen under high pressure. They develop lightweight composite high pressure cylinders that are not only safe, but also produced from recyclable material. In the SHIP2DRIVE consortium, their role is the realization of the storage of the hydrogen as energy carrier for the maritime industry.




17:00 - 19:30


Buccaneer Delft
Paardenmarkt 1
2611 PA Delft The Netherlands