Next Ocean

Like sailors of old, you may gaze at the horizon, or look up to the sky, hoping for a sign. But you might as well turn to your WavePredictor, see what comes your way and operate in safety. We harness maritime data and employ a powerful algorithm that enables you to predict the future wave height several minutes in advance, wave by wave.

It’s our mission to make offshore operations safer and more efficient by bringing cutting edge technology to the market. Applying Next Ocean’s wave and vessel motion prediction technology reduces risk and increases uptime of offshore operations. Risks can be reduced as much as 10 times and operational limits can be increased by as much as 20%. Therewith this technology is a real game changer. 


Buccaneer Delft combines a great atmosphere with great staff and great network. Surrounded by other energy and maritime start- and scaleups it is really the best place to have our office.

Karel Roozen, Co-Founder Next Ocean

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