FLASC is the leading utility-scale solution suitable for projects requiring co-location of offshore energy production and energy storage. The objective is to bridge the gap between intermittent renewable energy production and a fluctuating consumer demand. This allows, for example, large offshore wind farms to improve the quality of the power that they provide to consumer grids, and also to supply reliable power in remote offshore locations, such as oil & gas infrastructure.

Our technology is tailor-made for the offshore market, leveraging existing infrastructure and established supply chains. FLASC’s solution combines the principles of pumped hydro with compressed air using a patented hydro-pneumatic technology to offer a safe, reliable and cost-effective energy storage solution

From day one it was clear that Buccaneer Delft was the place to be, surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs, inspiring coaches and a wide industry network, the community has really cemented our ambition to accelerate the energy transition.

Daniel Buhagiar, Founder FLASC

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