Prepare yourself for futute investment rounds

Prepare yourself for future investment rounds. Hear from Three VC Firms! 🚀

Securing an investment can be an essential milestone. Especially one that can take ages and needs a lot of effort in finding the right match. What are the ‘preventable mistakes’ and best practices that could speed up the process? We got the opportunity to ask everything we wanted to VC firms 280ppm/Hal investments, and SHIFT investments.

Disclaimer: this is just one perspective on investments, especially from VC firms, so take this into account when applying insights.

Pro tip: do not only ask for references at CEO’s that have signed with a certain VC, but see if you can find references that (eventually) did not sign, and make sure you know their experiences as well. For those of you who were unable to join, catch a (staccato) glimpse of the valuable answers we received.

We organized this investment workshop in collaboration with TU Delft Campus and Justus Hollander from 280ppm/Hal investments, Viktor Tsjebanov from and Bart Budde from SHIFT investments. Please reach out to us if you would like further contact with them.

📸by Bart Heemskerk – Upstream festival