Welcome Deployment Matters at Buccaneer Delft!

In News by Jet Hendrich


We are happy to announce our newest member at Buccaneer Delft, Deployment Matters.

Technology Deployment; it sounds easy. In practice, it is challenging to get oil and gas operators to adopt technologies. Based on Deployment Matter’s experienced workforce,  they basically know that it can be done and the value can be phenomenal!

Deployment Matters offers strategic and hands-on support for operators/technology suppliers to make technology deployment happen using their own tools and processes. The tools include a Technology Catalogue. Technologies are grouped in modules around specific business challenges/opportunities. The catalogue includes user/expert reviews and shows which operators have already deployed a particular technology, this way increasing the confidence that the technology can be replicated by other companies.

Interested to know more about Deployment Matters? Go check out their website. It looks pretty awesome!