Wake up call | Navigating your business in uncertain times

In Newsby Ashley Hofmann

Being a (young) entrepreneur you’re facing many challenges now. While at the beginning of this year the outlook still looked promising, there is now a severe downturn. Many projects are postponed or cancelled, deliveries are delayed, cash flows are declining, etc. How can you prevent your company from standing still and still be visible in the market? How do you deal with financial challenges? How can you navigate yourself and your company through these uncertain times?

Former entrepreneur and co-founder of Ampelmann, Frederik Gerner shared the experience he gained when the company was founded in 2007 during a global crisis. He talked about how Team, Cash and Culture are the key ingredients to navigate your company during a crisis.

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Frederik Gerner, FORWARD.one
An engineer and entrepreneur, Fred co-founded Ampelmann to simplify offshore access for people and cargo. Ampelmann was founded during the global crisis in 2007 but still they managed to survive and let the company grow into a leading offshore technology company.
Frederik’s roles included CFO and COO. Fred’s advice: Don’t design for perfect. If your product is 80% ready, bring it to the market and together with your clients you can design exactly what the market is looking for.