Wake up call | Living in quarantine – how to maintain a work-life balance

In News by Ashley Hofmann

The whole world in quarantine. No more rushing in the morning to catch the train after the children have been brought to school or rise and shine before dawn to avoid traffic jams. And in the evening the same all over again. But also, no more going to the gym or have dinner with friends in the city. We’re forced to let go of our daily routine or at least reshape it. Your daily life takes place in and around your house and at the same time we’re everywhere online.

A new reality, a new way of working and living we need to adapt to.  Nobody knows how long this situation will last we already call the ‘new normal’. How are you keeping grip on our work-life balance now that boundaries are blurring? How to stay sane during this crisis, being able to let go of control and, maybe even, enjoy this quarantine time.

During this ‘Wake up call!’, Azwin Ressang shares 7 tips to maintain your work-life balance and adapt to this new reality we’re living in.

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Azwin Ressang, Partner at Fuel for Innovation
Azwin Ressang is partner of Fuel for Innovation and an experienced coach in personal change and transformation.