Wake up call | Let’s do great things, together!

In News by Ashley Hofmann

On Tuesday April 14, Buccaneer Delft’s first ‘Wake up call!’ took place. During this series of events Buccaneer Delft will kickstart every new week with a short talk from someone who will inspire, energize and motivate you for the week ahead. During this first event, Lars Crama shared his vision and experience on the power of collaboration in our current and future ecosystem.

In times of crisis we seek each other out and have a need for collectivity because ‘stronger together’. Working together fraternizes and makes you feel not standing alone. Everywhere around us we see the most wonderful initiatives and collaborations arise. From small entrepreneurs to large corporates, everyone is able to look beyond his/her own interests. But how do we make sure that in the long run we also hold on to this and don’t fall back into old patterns? What can we learn from this period? And how do we apply this in the next big challenge: accelerating the energy transition.

By raising three questions, Lars gives direction in how the future of innovation is created through collaboration. View the full webinar here:

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Lars Crama, helps bold leaders future proof their business.
An entrepreneur, facilitator and investor with 15+ years experience in leading fast-growing companies. He particularly commits to initiatives that drive a triple bottom line – for people, planet and profit. Currently he is active as Founder at Innovators Inc., Partner at Arches Capital and Private Lead ad Up!Rotterdam.