Wake up call | Keeping your (remote) teams aligned and motivated when working in offshore wind

In News by Ashley Hofmann

Managing complex projects requires strong leadership. Especially when teams are working remote. It may even require other or new skills to keep teams aligned and motivated when meeting offline is not possible.

How do you accomplish this? How will this remote working effect projects on the long-term? Is the offshore (wind) industry ready for this new way of working

During the ‘Wake up call!’ on May 11, Operations Director and teambuilder Didi te Gussinklo Ohmann from Van Oord Offshore Wind shared how she and her teams keep their spirits up and stay motivated during these uncertain times. Next to that she shared her expectations for the offshore wind market in terms of projects and the way of working.

Didi te Gussinklo Ohmann, Operations Director Offshore Wind – Van Oord
With over 20 years of experience at Van Oord, Didi is a true Van Oord veteran. Didi joined Van Oord after finishing her study Civil Engineering at TU Delft. In all those years she had different positions within the company. In 2010 she shifted to the offshore wind division of Van Oord where she is now in the position of Operations Director.