Wake up call | Investing in start- and scale-ups during a crisis: smart or foolish?

In News by Ashley Hofmann

Innovations and new technologies arise when a disruption is at order. The disruption we already have, now we need the innovation. But start- and scale-ups need funding and investments now more than ever to survive and to let their innovation and technology flourish. Is it smart or foolish to invest during a crisis?

Why should you make investments in times of a crisis? How can you create an opportunity out of a disruption? And how can start- and scale-ups influence this? During this ‘Wake up call!’, Erik Schut from Enfuro Ventures talked about the opportunities a crisis can create for both investors and start- and scale-ups.  He shared tips which will help founders and investors to deal with this crisis and prepare them for post-COVID-19.

Speaker: Erik Schut, Managing Partner – Enfuro Ventures
Enfuro Ventures invests in companies active in the field of renewable energy. Enfuro was founded in the summer of 2013 by Erik Schut and Ruud Rijbroek, two experienced entrepreneurs who want to make a serious contribution to the energy transition. Erik has been the driving force behind the development of WoodWing Software from an attic room in 2000 to an internationally renowned software company with customers in more than 100 countries. Erik has a nose for opportunities and can turn them into successful deals and products with great vigour.