Wake up call | Accelerating the energy transition through NEN standardization

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The transition to a sustainable energy supply requires, among other things, new technologies and innovative ideas. Standardization of these technologies can actually help accelerate the energy transition and create support and confidence. Which we absolutely need in this immense challenge we’re all facing.

How NEN enables this transition and how companies and organizations can participate in this is the topic during this Wake up call!

Remco Perotti, Program Lead Energy Transition – NEN
As Program Lead Energy Transition Remco focusses on enabling the energy transition through (inter)national standards and certification systems. By bringing together all parties (industry, government, and knowledge institutes) to share building blocks and come to (inter)national standards through a transparent process of collaboration and consensus-building, standards also facilitate the scaling-up of innovative services or technologies by providing access to international markets.

Frits Wattjes, Consultant Standardization Electricity Supply Systems
Frits is a consultant at NEN active in the field of the energy transition. Next to that Frits is part of the Smart Grid Coordination Group (SG-CG), developing a framework to enable ESOs to perform continuous standard enhancement and development in the smart grid field.