VU Amsterdam students presenting Buccaneers business case results

In Newsby Editor

The last six weeks students from VU Amsterdam’s minor programme Sustainability – Management and Innovation worked on two business cases provided by Buccaneer’s and Deployment Matters. Last Thursday, students got the opportunity to present their results in teams to Vincent van Beusekom (Deployment Matters), Kevin Schreiber (zepp.Solutions) and their professors.

The case
For Deployment Matters, each student team had to search for three technologies that can be implemented in order to solve specific sustainability challenges of the energy industry. The students who worked on the case identified and evaluated interesting market opportunities for zepp’s heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell systems.

The results
We are at least certain that it was a successful day! We were pleasantly surprised by their results. They came up with (original) identified market opportunities. We have noticed that they had thoroughly studied their case and even had interviews with companies! It was nice to work with such motivated students and a lot of thanks to the professors Philipp Tuertscher and Hakan Özalp.

Why do we organize this?
At Buccaneer we believe a mix of disciplines contributes to company growth. We recognize that young technology companies in the energy and offshore sector are mainly concerned with the technical aspects of their development and are interested in learning more about the market they (will) operate in.