Successful flight by AeroDelft paves the way for flying on liquid hydrogen

In Buccaneers, News by Luc Treebusch

AeroDelft, the TU Delft student team located at Buccaneer Delft, made a successful flight with their prototype plane. They also taxied their full-scale plane which is meant to be the first manned plane to fly on liquid hydrogen in 2025. This is what the team of AeroDelft revealed at their summer event on the 7th of July at Breda International Airport.

Flying on liquid hydrogen
With ‘Project Phoenix’ the student team set themselves a mission to showcase to the world that flying on liquid hydrogen is a green and environmentally friendly alternative for conventional flying. They work two planes: a prototype and a full sized plane.

The prototype is a 1:3 scale model of a motorized glider and has a wingspan of 6 meters and weighs 40 kilograms. Data from the first flight on batteries shows that the self-developed plane is ready to fly on liquid hydrogen.

The full-scale plane copies the same technology on a larger scale and needs to be the world’s first manned plane to fly on liquid hydrogen. Initially the plane will fly on gas formed hydrogen and eventually on liquid hydrogen.