Recap of Energy Talks&Drinks (5th of April, 2018)

In News by Jet Hendrich

Thank you to everyone that joined us during our last Energy Talks&Drinks at Buccaneer Delft.

Event theme: The Future of Energy

Event date: 5th of April, 2018

Mr. Mark de Zilwa from ING gave us a very interesting presentation on the energy scenario from a bank’s perspective. Find out more on  ING’s perspective

Mr. Wim Thomas from Shell also had very mindful insights on how scenarios are developed and how to interpret these for defining strategy. For out more about the Shell’s Sky scenario

After the presentations, for the first time we had the drinks and meet-up at our new Restaurant Kruydt. For more information on our restaurant and reservations, please visit their website at Restaurant Kruydt

We hope to see you again soon for our next edition of Energy Talks&Drinks at Buccaneer Delft. This time the theme is going to evolve around the Horticulture industry and its connections with the energy transition. To join our guest list, kindly visit our events section