MegaWindForce (MWF) is a unique, modular & maintenance friendly wind turbine. It is significantly smaller in size and weight than conventional turbines with comparable output. It generates renewable power at lower costs and sound levels and with a much lower Carbon footprint. The patented and certified MWF design is set to become the new industry standard in wind turbines.

The revolutionary new concept is based on a design where the traditional horizontal axis is replaced by a ring. It is housing a modular direct drive generator, generating more energy than conventional turbines at a lower tip speed, therefore causing less noise. As the generator consists of many modular elements around the ring, it can be adjusted to provide electricity in a wide range of wind speeds.

MWF benefits are:
  • High Annual Energy Production: 20-40% more than conventional turbines
  • Very low weight: at least 80% less than conventional turbines
  • Low noise level: approx.70 dB noise, a fraction of the current noise levels of conventional turbines (usually >100 dB)
  • Low location sensitivity: MWF standard design is suitable for a wide range of conditions and locations
  • Long-lifetime & little maintenance: certified at 30 years design life and easy maintenance at low cost


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