Eco-Runner Team Delft is a multidisciplinary team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, consisting of 23 students. With a sustainable vision, they dedicate a full year to design and build the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered city car.The team has represented the university at the Shell Eco-marathon for years. The goal of the competition is to cover the greatest possible distance with as little hydrogen as possible, but this year will be the first time they compete in the Urban Concept class. To this end, a vehicle is being designed that is closer in appearance to modern city cars: one step closer to a future with sustainable mobility.

By building this hyper-efficient hydrogen-powered city car, Eco-Runner Team Delft is promoting a sustainable future.For more information, check out our website or listen to our podcast! For any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through the contact details below.

Telephone: +31 (0)15 2789133

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