Over the past decades, an extensive oil and gas infrastructure has been built on land and sea, consisting of 1740 wells, 360 onshore locations, 160 platforms and ca. 5000 kilometers of pipelines. A large number of oil and gas fields are approaching the end of their producing life and must be cleaned up. At the same time, a sustainable energy transition is on the way.

Nexstep is therefore faced with an important task: to investigate how the infrastructure can contribute to the energy transition and to dismantle what cannot be re-used.
That is why EBN and NOGEPA have founded Nexstep. The purpose of this national platform for re-use and decommissioning is the safe, sustainable and cost-efficient conversion or dismantling of the Dutch oil and gas infrastructure.

Nexstep’s first focus is on investigating possibilities for re-use in order to contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands. In addition, Nexstep is investigating opportunities to make infrastructure dismantling more efficient and reduce costs.