EP&C Patent Attorneys. Yes, we draft and file patent applications that effectively lead to enforceable and commercially relevant patents. But that may not be what an ambitious technology innovator needs, for now. So we listen. What are your ambitions, what is your technology, who may become partners or clients or competitors, who will invest and why? And then we will look in our toolkit and honestly tell you what we see as our best advice. Always having an eye on constraints in budget and time. We will explain what we do and the related legals issues in understandable language.

EP&C is a firm of specialists in all technical fields with extensive legal knowledge and experience in patents and other matters concerning Intellectual Property (IP). We have a significant track record in offshore and energy technology and are proud to have the opportunity to assist new initiatives in the Buccaneer community and beyond.  Contact us to experience the difference.

EP&C Patent Attorneys