Buccaneer Delft wins the Offshore Public Outreach Award during the Offshore Energy Opening Gala Dinner & Awards Show

Offshore Energy Public Outreach Award: recognition for Buccaneer Delft

In Newsby Editor

The Offshore Energy Awards have been presented and Buccaneer Delft can proudly call itself the winner of the Offshore Energy Public Outreach Award 2018. This award underlines the exceptional performance of a company, organization or project team active in the offshore energy sector in the area of ​​reach, awareness and understanding among the public.

Presentation Offshore Energy Awards
Buccaneer received the prestigious award at the Offshore Energy Opening Gala Dinner & Awards Show on 22 October at the Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam. The energy and offshore accelerator focuses on a new generation of entrepreneurs in the energy and offshore sector and creates the right connection between business, start-ups and scale-ups, government and education. Buccaneer has succeeded in motivating a high level support network of partners, such as NIBC, to contribute to the new energy sector. Young technical companies are being prepared for entering the energy market and the launch of their service or product. This is made possible by offering in-depth market intelligence, a wide industry network and access to customers, investors and research institutes. Current developments include hydrogen trucks, silent piledriving of wind turbines and transport by Hyperloop.

Jury comment for Buccaneer
‘Although it proves a challenge for all applicants to reach a broad public, the Buccaneer is making a great effort by its monthly networking events, where information is shared and discussions take place on a variety of topics, mostly focusing on innovation and the energy transition. The Buccaneer becomes more and more a center for innovative knowledge and a meeting point for the young and established parties in the energy sector. The Buccaneer is supporting the young generation, who can have a great impact on the energy transition, to boost their start-ups by offering a space and creating an environment of sharing experiences and ideas.. ‘

Buccaneer offers a platform and network for scale-ups in the energy and offshore sector. Our lively and inspiring location at the Paardenmarkt is a collaborative work environment where technological innovation accelerates. We also offer unique meeting rooms, event rooms and a brand new restaurant Kruydt on the historic grounds in Delft. Curious? Join our monthly Energy Talks&Drinks to get insight in the latest energy innovations and join for social drinks afterwards.