Next Ocean test in North Sea

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Just four months ago, we informed you about the Next Ocean’s successful PSV trial. This time together with Damen Shipyards Group and Delft Dynamics, they have tested their technology in search and rescue scenario.

The goal was to test the limits of drone helicopter operations offshore; a significant project given the notable size of the drone involved. The whole operation was funded by the Dutch Ministry of Defence and supported by the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Netherlands Coastguard.

The Next Ocean’s technology has significantly helped the drone with taking-off and landing on the constantly moving vessel which could not have been possible without the WavePredictor. Through the usage of the ship’s radar data, it can foresee the uncomfortable waves and the resulting vessel motions minutes in advance. That trial had also provided new data for the further development:

“The system is in a state of constant evolution. The more data we collect, the more we can improve on its capabilities. The current version is developed for operations on board dynamically positioned or slowly moving vessels. Apart from demonstrating the system at low speed, we gathered information during this trial which will help prepare it to operate at up to 25 knots or even higher speeds, paving the way for a whole new set of additional applications.” ­– Karel Roozen (co-founder Next Ocean)

Below you can find the video from the collaborative project:

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