Mega Wind Force has attracted a new investor

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Mega Wind Force (MWF) has managed to attract a new investor for the next stage in the development of its unique, modular & maintenance friendly wind turbine. The technical concept of this turbine, which is significantly smaller in size and weight than conventional turbines with comparable output, has been proven on paper with lots of studies and thorough certification, but what has been lacking so far is a working prototype. An investment of 1.8 M Euro by a dedicated consortium named “Wervelwind” will make it possible to build a test generator to proof its potential in the laboratories of the TU Delft. This is expected to take around 6 months after which the next step will be a prototype for field tests.

Wervelwind is composed of 14 private investors who share a passion for enhancing the energy transition to a sustainable future. With their engagement, interim CEO Kees Willemse has concluded his task for MWF and has handed over the management to a new team assigned by Wervelwind. MWF will continue to operate from the Buccaneer for the coming period and Kees will remain available for advice, also for other Buccaneer companies.

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