Lighting up Buccaneer’s square

In Newsby Editor

Industrial Design students from TU Delft working on lighting design project at Buccaneer
The coming weeks a group of Industrial Design students from TU Delft will perform an lighting analysis of the square, the lighting characteristics and the different stakeholders involved. They will design an integrated lighting plan for the Buccaneer square.

Buccaneer square
For a while there has been the idea to do something about the lighting on the square, as you can see on the picture it is very dark. So when the opportunity came by to draft a case for Industrial Design students from TU Delft, we were quite excited.

It is a challenging assignment because the terrain consists of several buildings and corners and server multiple stakeholders. This makes it a nice experience for the students, having to deal with a multifunctional location with a rich history dating back to 1671.

Last month we got the chance to look at their lighting design presentation at TU Delft. We are enthusiastic about their initial plans and cannot wait to see more and decide on actual implementation. On the photos below you can see a glimpse of how they test the lighting on the square on the hand of a maquette.

We will keep you posted on their results and our first lightshows at Paardenmarkt 1.