JP-Energiesystemen works on a hydrogen solution for Rijnstate hospital

In News by Luc Treebusch

Some great news! Our Buccaneer, JP-Energiesystemen, signed an agreement for the realization of a unique hydrogen project. Together with their partner PowiDian they’ll deliver an innovative hydrogen energy system for the Rijnstate hospital. It will be one of the showpieces of the newly built hospital in Elst.

Solar panels are an important source of renewable energy and businesses have been looking for a way to store their surplus of energy themselves for a long time. With the hydrogen system of PowiDian, this surplus of energy would become available when the sun is not shining. The hydrogen system turns excess solar energy into hydrogen and stores this to use later on. By a smart control switch it be converted back into heat and electricity, when needed.

The combination of solar panels, hydrogen storage and the smart control, the hospital will reduce consumption by 42,000 cubic meters of natural gas per year. In 15 years, that will save you 600,000 cubic meter of gas. In addition to heat, the hydrogen provides electricity, which means a total of about 2 million kilograms of CO2 emissions are prevented from being generated.

By using sustainable energy, hospital Rijnstate takes her mission for a healthy society even one step further. Befote the moment of signing the agreement a close  year  of collaboration between Rijnstate, K&R, Scharphof, Unica, PowiDian and JP-Energiesystemen preceded. The specific experience and expertise of all partners has led to this important step towards a gasless, sustainable hospital.