Ivy Global – Learning in an interactive and more efficient way

In News by Luc Treebusch

Our Buccaneer Ivy Global recently launched quite the experience. Together with Veerenstael and Raccoon Serious Games, they developed a serious game to effectively train personnel in asset management skills: The Asset Management Experience. We talked with Ivan Hermelijn, project manager at Ivy Global to learn about the project.

Ivy Global: Technical projects with the best talent Supporting every successful technical operation is a complex world of organization – a system of asset management, risk analysis, accurate documentation, track records and performance check-ups. By employing motivated tech students along with experienced project managers, we provide the manpower, skill and technical know-how needed to relieve you of burdensome organizational challenges. Seize potential and mobilize the next generation of experts.

How did you come up with the idea to develop a game?

“As a company working with young technical students we noticed that companies we are working with are often looking for staff with some experience in asset management. This while most junior employees don’t possess those skills yet. So companies are forced to train these young professionals themselves, while they don’t always have the time or resources. At the other hand is asset management something that can’t be learned by just reading a book. And especially for the younger generation a workshop around this topic can be a bit dull.”

“We wanted to combine learning with interaction and fun. Create something unique! A workshop wasn’t the way to go. We noticed that the younger crowd of tech students is really into games. So we thought of how we could combine a practical asset management training with a game like environment. That is what lead us into the process of developing a serious game with the help of Raccoon Serious Games and Veerenstael. A game that helps educating personnel in developing asset management skills in a more effective way.”

Startscreen of the Asset Management Experience

That sounds great. How does it practically works?

“Both junior or senior staff members can join as players in a digital game. We simulate a cookie factory which isn’t running smooth. There are malfunctions and safety issues. The challenge for the players is to make the right investments in order to fix these errors and reach certain goals. By doing certain investments the players can invest in the factory to sort out these issues. Players try to reach certain targets by decreasing malfunctions, this by investing in for example data to make better choices.”

During the game you get more insights

“During the game players directly see what the results are of the decisions they make as a team. Players experience which components influences each other and are actively searching for the best solutions. In an interactive way players learn how to work proactive instead of reactive. Prevent fire instead of fighting it.”

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