Innovation Award for most distinctive offshore wind entrepreneur

In News by Benine van Gilse

After the success in 2017, Offshore Wind Innovators will organize the Offshore Wind Innovation Award for the second time this year. In collaboration with Siemens and Van Oord, this prize will be awarded to the most innovative entrepreneur in this sector on December 12.

Raising awareness
The Offshore Wind Innovation Award is intended to raise awareness about the innovation capacity of SME entrepreneurs. In addition, innovative developments within the Dutch offshore wind sector are stimulated. Innovations which are needed to realize cost reductions, to facilitate the integration of activities on the North Sea and to strengthen the competitive position of the Netherlands.

Important information
Starters and SME entrepreneurs can register until 5 November by completing the registration form. The Award consists of a jury prize and a public award. The jury will pay particular attention to the level of innovation, the economic and social impact, the feasibility, applicability and entrepreneurship. The offshore wind industry will award the public prize to one of the three finalists at a business meeting on December 12.

For more information, contact Martin Weissmann.

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