In the spotlight – BMO Offshore

In News by Ashley Hofmann

BMO Offshore was born out of the need for vessel charterers and operators to have unbiased performance information. Over the years, they have developed into a data solution company, delivering operational information and decision support systems for the marine industry. BMO does this using their own flexible hardware platform and onboard measurement systems for end-to-end quality and security.

Bibby Marine
Bibby Marine is one of BMO’s first and long-lasting clients. During their adventure together Bibby Marine has seen the evolution of a bespoke service that can optimize their operations and performance analysis. Two of Bibby’s service operation vessels (SOV) are equipped with BMO’s measurement systems and interfaces with which they can collect 70% data from the ship’s daily activities. The other 30% is still being logged manually. This data collected by BMO’s measurement system is automatically translated to a report which is presented to Bibby in an online environment.

Last year Hans van Heemst, Development and Operations Engineer at BMO Offshore, went aboard at Bibby’s vessels to install the hardware, test the system and train the crew. After six months Bibby was so enthusiastic about the system and the results, they decided they wanted to extend their daily reports with an QSHE module. This module went live in the last week of March, just when we all went into quarantine.

Moving forward
A lot of offshore projects are put on hold or delayed but, so far BMO was still able to move forward with launching the QSHE module. The hardware was already there, and the software could be installed remotely. With the whole team working from home they still can share and track codes which allows them to change and update the software if necessary. Even develop new systems!

At this moment there’s also a similar request from Vattenfall regarding their crew transfer vessels (CTV). This is a new project so no hardware available already. To make sure they can continue with new projects as well, BMO is working with freelance teams in other countries which can do the installation of the hardware and the software. If new local teams in other countries are needed, they can be trained through online training.

Team spirit
From the very first moment they shifted into remote teams, the BMO team is there to support each other. They respect each other’s situation and understand changes are needed in how to communicate and keep each other updated. Every morning at 10 there’s a stand-up call and in the afternoon at 4 they share updates and have some regular chitchat. And even the Friday afternoon drinks aren’t skipped. Together they keep the team spirit high.

What’s next
So, what’s next? BMO is focusing on developing the system to collect more data and create new interfaces. Currently, a new data interface is being developed with the onboard people tracking system and when the time is right, they hope to develop a module to read engine records. All in the purpose of collecting that remaining 30% of data.

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