Hardt Hyperloop is moving to Rotterdam

In Buccaneers, News by Luc Treebusch

Over the last years Hardt Hyperloop was one of the first vibrant companies housed at Buccaneer Delft. But now, after 6 years, they are ready to take the next steps as a successful scale-up company so yesterday they hosted their farewell event at Restaurant Kruydt. In the upcoming weeks they will move their company from Delft to Rotterdam, to the recently renovated Rotterdam Science Tower on Marconistraat. We are so proud of them! Together with co-founder Tim Houter we looked back on their time at Buccaneer Delft and took a brief glance at the plans for the future.

Hardt Hyperloop: No Boundaries, no limitations

Hardt Hyperloop is working on solutions for heavily overpopulated cities; inaccessible rural areas; and unhealthy industrial urbanization, all of which inhibits human potential. By developing the hyperloop, Hardt creates an on-demand, affordable transport system with which people can travel huge distances in a short time – all completely emission-free, safe, and accessible to everyone. People will be able to live and work wherever they choose and, consequently, expand their boundaries.

The hyperloop concept; image by Hardt Hyperloop

Looking back: What made you join Buccaneer Delft back in 2016?

“We were just with the four founders, when we joined the Buccaneer. We participated in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop competition and were searching for a place to settle as a company in Delft. On one hand we were looking for an office place to work in but we also needed a workspace. We came in contact with Joop Roodenburg and the Buccaneer Delft, an organization founded in 2015 with the mission to support start- & scale-up companies. They offered us the space we needed and Joop really believed in the vision of our company. The combination of the space they offered, Joop’s enthusiasm and the opportunities the network of the Buccaneer Delft offered, made us decide to settle at the Buccaneer.”

You had certain ideas when you joined the Buccaneer Delft. In the end Hardt stayed for quite a while, almost six years. Did the accommodation live up to your expectations and how did we help you as a company?

“Personally, I’ve had great experiences at the Buccaneer. It is a great place to develop, as a person and as a company. In a beautiful environment in which we were able to work on our dream to change the transport industry. We’re not there yet but we made enormous steps along the way.”

“The location was and is just excellent. We had a place where we could grow our team without having to move. The Buccaneer has a complete package to offer, located in a beautiful, historic setting which is great to welcome partners and guests. They gave us opportunities to attend informative events hosted by them but the Buccaneer also had the space for us to organize lectures, meetings and events at the venue. I think the Buccaneer offers something unique in that way.”

The team of Hardt Hyperloop in 2017 after hosting an event at Buccaneer Delft; with Tim Houter at center

You’re moving away from Delft. To Rotterdam. What will you miss most about the city and this location?

“The location of the venue is just in one word; Wow. It’s so unique. On the one hand historic but also very modern inside. It’s near the center of Delft offering a great work environment, but when walking through the gates you enter a different place. A place where it’s a bit more quiet and relaxed. As a student I started in Delft and as an entrepreneur I took my first steps in Delft as well. Now we are moving to Rotterdam, which is exciting but it also feels a bit strange. I think I will miss this combination of things.”

Hardt Hyperloop has made enormous steps as a company. You’ve started in 2016 with a team of four. Along the way you’ve won the Hyperloop Pod competition, you’ve found the right partners to support your mission, you’ve worked and are still working on the European Hyperloop Center in Groningen and expanded your team from 4 to 50 employees today. Some massive steps! With this move to Rotterdam, what do you foresee for the future?

“Yes, we’ve made major steps. But we haven’t yet reached the finish line yet. One of the main projects we’re focusing on is the development of the European Hyperloop Centre in Groningen in which we can test our hyperloop innovation even more. But we also want to mobilize the entire world to embrace the hyperloop concept to be the safe, reliable and sustainable transport system for the future.”

“With this in mind we’re moving to Rotterdam. As you mentioned, our team grew enormously over the past years and we’re still expanding. Our new location in Rotterdam gives us the opportunity to do so. I really look forward working there with the whole team and make the next steps with the company. And of course, we will always come back to visit our friends at Buccaneer Delft who believed in us and helped us take our very first steps.”

Joop Roodenburg (l) and Tim Houter (r) at the farewell event

Joop Roodenburg, founder of Buccaneer Delft: “It’s wonderful to see the progress Hardt Hyperloop made during the years they were located at Buccaneer Delft. And I believe they will continue to grow. Tim and his team have a vision, a belief and a drive: to change the transport industry. That drive is what you need as an entrepreneur. Therefore I know that they, also in Rotterdam, will succeed and further grow their business. I’m proud of them and of course we are going to miss them.”