Energy Talks&Drinks | Phasing out or phasing in: nuclear as part of the energy transition

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If we want to achieve zero emission by 2050, most of the available area of land, inland water and offshore space will be needed for solar and wind farms. Biomass is already off the table and green hydrogen will dramatically increase the electricity demand. So what about nuclear energy with its remarkably low emissions and reliable electricity production? Sounds like a promising source to meet our 2050 goals. Shouldn’t we ask team nuclear back to the table?

View the recording of the Energy Talks&Drinks on October 1st, here:

Theo Wolters, Chairman of the Environment, Science & Policy Foundation
Theo Wolters is chairman of the Environment, Science and Policy Foundation, which focuses on providing independent information about important policy issues, for instance climate and energy, biodiversity and the European Union. The foundation has a special interest in supporting nuclear energy, in particular the thorium molten salt reactor technology, and supports the thorium MSR foundation.  Based on this wide background, Theo Wolters can approach the energy transition comprehensively, and gives a birds eye view on the limitations of and options for a better energy system in the future.

Mirjam Vossen, Reseacher and Journalist
Mirjam Vossen (1965) is a media researcher, social geographer and journalist. She obtained her PhD with a study on the framing of global poverty in European media. Her current research and journalistic work focuses on the framing of social issues such as poverty, climate change, energy and agriculture. She writes background articles and opinions for among others the Financieele Dagblad, Trouw, NRC and the Algemeen Dagblad. This year the scientific journal Journalism Studies published her research on the framing of nuclear energy in the Dutch media.