Energy Talks&Drinks | Building with nature: creating eco-energy systems

In News by Ashley Hofmann

People, Planet and Profit: companies are shifting more and more towards a triple bottom line framework inside their organizations. Sustainability is becoming a core value instead of just one item on the agenda. During the Energy Talks&Drinks on September 3 we focused on Planet and how to reduce ecological footprint in offshore projects and preserve the ecological environment.

View the recording of the Energy Talks&Drinks below.

Hans Broekhuis, CEO – 4FOLD Foldable Containers
4FOLD Foldable Containers is a product op Holland Container Innovations (HCI). The foldable containers help reduce CO2 emissions, congestion, space and waste and the costs associated with empty containers at sea and on land.

Erwin Coolen, Director & Renate Olie, Ecologist – De Rijke Noordzee
Erwin Coolen has been active in the wind industry for many years. In his position as Director at De Rijke Noordzee he leads the innovation program in which they combine generating energy with nature development. Edwin is currently also Director at the SDG platform and owner of ECHT.
Renate Olie is an Ecologist at Stichting Noordzee where she is mapping the ecological risks of offshore wind farms. At De Rijke Noordzee she is working on nature reinforcement within wind farms to reduce these risks.

Jesper Elzinga, Environmental Engineer – Van Oord
Jesper is involved in the environmental aspects across all three business units at Van Oord: dredging, offshore and offshore wind as well as various research and development projects. But most proud he is of his involvement in Van Oord’s coral regeneration initiative ReefGuard on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia and fringing reefs near Nassau, Bahamas (executing throughout 2013-2017). With an impressive track record in environmental engineering already, at his young age got nominated for the Offshore Energy Young Engineer Award 2019.