Creating the first hydrogen-powered watertaxi!

In News by Luc Treebusch

Wow, two of our Buccaneers are working on quite the project: creating the first hydrogen-powered watertaxi! Is hydrogen the future for commercial passenger vessels? We believe that one small boat can change the maritime industry!

In 2022 we can expect the first hydrogen-powered watertaxi to be operational in Rotterdam. Initiated by the SWIM-consortium: Enviu and Buccanneers Flying Fish and the ship was developed for Watertaxi Rotterdam.

Changing the shipping industry
The maritime industry has an enormous emissions footprint, and this is something that needs to be changed. The SWIM consortium has the ambitious dream of a zero-emission shipping industry fueled by hydrogen. The goal is to enable a shipping industry with zero emissions. The hydrogen-powered watertaxi will set an example for the application of hydrogen in the shipping industry. A big step regarding the energy transition because eventually it can be upscaled to bigger ships as well.

Isn’t battery-electric the shorter route?
“Watertaxi Rotterdam already uses battery-electric ships and believes that a more sustainable fleet is the way to go. Their aim is to be emission free in 2032. A difficult task, as their fleet of taxis need to be available all day to transfer people from one location to the other” says Jan Bot, one of the co-founders of “Using current battery technologies, that seems to be impossible without recharging during the day. Using our hydrogen solution, the boats can sail for up to eight hours without refueling.”

Testing in Delft
Last month the ship was delivered to Delft. In Delft, Flying Fish is working on integrating their systems and preparing the ship for the integration of the hydrogen fuel cell system. This, of course, in combination with various tests on the water.

When this initial testing phase concludes, the boat will be transferred to Rotterdam where the hydrogen fuel system will be built in. After several months of further testing, the ship will be commercially deployed by Watertaxi Rotterdam!

The importance of working together
We’re very proud to see this collaboration between two of our Buccaneers. Where Flying Fish is in the lead for the technical development of the electric drivetrain, has foccused on the development and supply of the hydrogen fuel cell system and the onboard hydrogen storage system.

“We already collaborated on this project before moving to this venue. But since we are now both located at Buccaneer Delft, we see it much easier to just make small talk and share ideas that come up along the way. This definitely brought us closer together”. Says Johan Schonebaum the co-founder Flying Fish.

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