Connecting Engineers for Refugees participants with the energy industry

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In 2019 we’re collaborating with Engineers for Refugees (E4R) to set up interesting, informative and targeted initiatives for their participants. We’re excited to contribute to E4R, because we think it’s important to helpt it’s participants find their place in the Dutch society.

This year, we’ll organize joint initiatives with our Buccaneers and E4R to give the E4R participants, all of whom have a technical background, the opportunity to further develop their professional skills.

About Engineers for Refugees

Engineers for Refugees is a non-profit foundation, run by seven TU Delft students (volunteers). The foundation is mostly financed by dozens of donors. E4R also receives help from VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and Delft University of Technology. As a result, Engineers for Refugees has the possibility to offer the enthusiastic and ambitious participants an in-depth program.

The program:

  • Language lessons with the aim to get B2 level Dutch
  • Homework afternoon
  • Master classes: in-depth activities about the Dutch culture or development in the professional field
  • Buddy program pairing a participant with a Dutch student (buddy) to do something fun three hours a week
  • Moments with a mentor/confidential adviser, to discuss plans for the future with a participant

Energy Talks&Drinks February 7th

Interested in Engineers for Refugees and their program? Join the Energy Talks&Drinks of February 7th! They will explain more about the foundation and introduce you to a number of participants!

P.S. we will keep you updated about our collaboration and activities!

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