Collaboration with Publieke Zaken

In Newsby Editor

We’re thrilled to announce our newest collaborator: Publieke Zaken. Policy changes can have a major impact on the business case of innovative startups. As of January, Publieke Zaken is ready and able to navigate you through the complex politics of public affairs.

About Publieke Zaken

Publieke Zaken ensures that you can consult with the government, political players and other civil society organizations if regulations have a crucial impact on the continuity of your company. They translate your business interests into politically relevant subjects and make sure your proposal gets to the right people.

Publieke Zaken focuses on companies and organizations in the world of energy, the environment, sustainability and transport. Director René Leegte, a former Member of Parliament, had these topics in his portfolio. Because of his years of experience, Publieke Zaken now has a lot of specific knowledge of these subjects and an impressive network of contacts.

In addition to their extensive knowledge of political procedures, the people of Publieke Zaken also know the business world from the inside and know what is’t like to feel the pressure of threatening legislation for a (young) company.

Energy Talks&Drinks

During the upcoming Energy Talks&Drinks (February 7th), René Leegte joins a conversation and discussion about startups and public affairs, so remember to join the Energy Talks&Drinks now!