Buccaneer Delft welcomes InThere!

In News by Jet Hendrich


InThere is a Dutch based company that provides training through gaming. The aim is to make development and learning possible for everyone in organisations as fun, easy and playful as possible.

InThere’s vision:

Accelerate training and change processes through micro-training.

InThere believes that it’s a high time for a modern way of training and learning. Employees should get the chance to work on every day challenges and enjoy learning something new. This is achieved through an affordable use of serious gaming technologies in order for any organization to be able to maintain the knowledge of their employees at any desired level.

The team highly believes in this way of learning, and every day they try to come closer to this goal. InThere envisions that training through gaming is becoming the new standard in company trainings and they are working hard and with great pleasure to realize this.

InThere is already in partnership with big companies and organizations in the Netherlands such as:
– Smart port
– TU Delft
– Pro Rail
– APM Terminals
– Allseas
– Swiss Ocean
– Dinalog
– Ministry of Rijkswaterstaat
– Brandweer
– Connekt
– Ministry of foreing affairs

Interested to know more about Inthere? Kindly visit their website