BAROCK Oil, Gas & Water BV presents: Global-X-Change Network BV

In News by Ashley Hofmann

On 20th April 2020 a new Buccaneer was incorporated, Global-X-Change Network BV. Global-X-Change belongs to the group of existing Buccaneer BAROCK Oil, Gas & Water BV.

Global-X-Change was conceived out of the idea to connect the upstream oil & gas companies and provide them with an online platform enabling them either to offer or to search for (“exchange”) those oil & gas facilities that are no longer needed and that will be decommissioned in the foreseeable future. Although a global approach was taken, the business concern was that the available market size might not be big enough to commercially develop and sustain the online platform for this purpose alone.

It was at that stage where it was sought to maximise the approachable market size by offering the online platform to the entire supply chain of high value assets and services in the oil & gas industry and the renewable energy sector: from concession areas marketed and offered by Governments; to farm-in & farm-out opportunities between oil & gas companies; to the original “exchange” of facilities; and to the offering of seismic, drilling, transportation and installation services and respective equipment, for lease or for sale.

It is the “exchange” of facilities where sister-company BAROCK Oil, Gas & Water BV can offer support to oil & gas companies reviewing whether a certain facility on offer on Global-X-Change could be suitable for their specific field conditions. This review can be offered confidentially, whereby the seller would not be informed who is the interested party.

In developing the platform we have taken specific efforts to restrict its user-base only to the market segments currently served in order to keep the platform a bit exclusive, but keeping the interest of the users at heart by maintaining a very high cross-user relevance. We further offer confidentiality of the user’s contact details, at their choice, as we understand that this information in certain cases may be sensitive to the market as well as to prevent spamming or inviting multiple undesired approaches.

We don’t seek to be involved in any of the transactions being offered on the platform, but merely want to offer a more efficient way for decision makers and their teams to get connected to each other on a global basis and to get business going. Obviously, large players will have their connections in place, but from the start we certainly believe to offer great benefits to SME companies in terms of market exposure and shortening the time-to-find.

As we go forward, we intend to develop Global-X-Change from an advertising platform to a networking platform. With time, we therefore believe that also the large players will see the benefits of being part of this community.

The oil & gas industry is in turmoil, now is the time to get more market exposure!

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Access is FREE for eligible companies and Governments until 1st June 2020!