Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our team

Joop Roodenburg
Founding father of Buccaneer Delft and President of Huisman Equipment. With Buccaneer Delft Joop build a place where he can pass on his drive for technology and innovation and share his passion and experience as an entrepreneur. Every day he still works with the same energy and motivation to contribute to the success of others and the future of the offshore and energy market.



Herard Buis
Sparring partner and coach. After selling his company HEDON in 2016, Joop asked Herard to help him out at Buccaneer Delft. Herard is here to support the team by offering support on how to make the best out of the location and put it in optimal use. As a successful entrepreneur himself, in electrical engineering, Herard also acts as a coach to the inhouse start- and scale-ups: the Buccaneers.

Kirsten Ruiter
Managing Director. Moving from the structured IT world to a growing accelerator sounds like quite the challenge. And it is! But Kirsten managed it more than well. First as the accelerator manager of Buccaneer Delft, and now as the managing director. This busy bee not only manages the team, but also supports our startup community and challenges the Buccaneer Partners to do the same. How about that!



Carlien van der Zwet
Event & Office Manager. During her career Carlien worked in many different kind of companies, within business, hospitality and event management. Which makes her a valuable hands-on colleague. One of her many talents is that she can passionately tell you about our venue’s history and how future is shaped here. When visiting our unique location or making use of our facilities, Carlien will make sure you won’t be short of anything!

Léon Staakman
Facility Manager. This hard worker from the construction industry has completely found his home at Buccaneer Delft. Léon takes care of the maintenance of the venue, down to the last detail. As the busy bee that he is, he always is looking for improvement. Impressed by how The Square is lighted by night? Or how he efficiently handles troubleshooting? You can give the credits to Léon!



Luc Treebusch
Event & Communication Lead. The youngest of the Buccaneer team, but already has experience with both organizing events as marketing communication. He aims to strengthen not only the Buccaneer brand but also the visibility of its Buccaneers. Organizing the most inspiring events with a creative touch, Luc will help to speed-up the energy transition.