From monastery to artillery warehouse, to accelerator for innovation.

Our history

There is an epic story behind our marvelous venue. Over six-hundred years ago, in the year of 1415, the order of St. Clara established a monastery on the property, including a chapel, sleeping quarters and workshops.
The somber monastery life radically changed in the 1570's, when the Reformation reached Delft.
Soon the military took over the premises and began using it as armory. This went smooth and swift, until the year 1654, in which a severe explosion wiped out not only the whole establishment, but also a large part of the city center of Delft. Some decennia later, the site was rebuilt into a new artillery warehouse. A couple centuries later, and it's Buccaneer Delft housing all the firepower.

In 2013, Buccaneer was founded by Joop Roodenburg (1950). As an established entrepreneur, offshore expert and a developer of innovative technologies himself, Joop Roodenburg envisioned a place where he could pass on his drive and passion for innovation to the next generation of entrepreneurs. We're it.