Advisory board

Bas Buchner, President MARIN Bas Buchner studied Maritime Engineering at TU Delft and has worked at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) since 1991. In 2002 he received his PhD from TU Delft on the subject of "Green Water on Ship-type Offshore Structures”. Since 2011, he has been Managing Director of MARIN. He has extensive experience in the field of cooperation between the international maritime industry, universities and MARIN in Joint Industry Projects (JIPs). In addition, he is chairman of MARIN's Cooperative Research Ships (CRS). Bas has been one of the driving forces behind the Topsector Water & Maritiem from the start. He is now chairman of the TKI Maritiem, chairman of the Innovation Council of the Nederland Maritiemland (NML) and a member of its Executive Committee.


"I am happy to contribute to the Buccaneer because we need renewal and innovation in the maritime sector. Otherwise we will miss the opportunities of the energy and digital transition.
For that we need young people who dare and come up with new ideas. If I can contribute something to that with advice, I'm happy to do so!"

Wim Thomas, Former Chief Energy Advisor Shell
Wim holds a postgraduate degree in Maritime Technology at the TU Delft. He has been with the Shell group of companies for over 35 years, with prior international positions in drilling operations, subsurface reservoir management, upstream commercial and regulatory affairs in gas. The global energy practice he led at Shell was integral part of Shell’s Scenarios Team in the Group Corporate Strategy Department. Wim is a regular speaker at international and national conferences across the world and a Fellow of the Energy Institute (EI) in the UK and Distinguished Fellow at the Institute of Energy Economic Japan (IEEJ). He is also a non-exec at MARIN. He is a former Chairman of The UK National Committee of the World Petroleum Council and of the British Institute of Energy Economics.

“Young innovative start-ups are leaders in their technical discipline, but often do not fully oversee the internal and external organisational aspects of rapid growth. With my international experience in the internal and external politics of business development, my aim is to contribute in the design of successful strategies for the Buccaneer to help start-ups to grow and reach their potential.”

Prof. Karel Luyben, Rector Magnificus Emeritus TU Delft
Karel Luyben was Rector Magnificus of TU Delft from 2010 until 2018. Before that he served as Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences for almost 12 years. In 1983 he was appointed full professor in Biochemical Engineering at TU Delft, and from there has gained experience in research, starting a SME, research leadership, leading European organisations like the European Federation of Biotechnology and CESAER. He presently works on Open Science, through being a Board member of CESAER; Chairman of the Board of the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences; National Coordinator for Open Science in the Netherlands; Chairman of the Task Force Open Science of CESAER and President of the EOSC Association. Throughout his career he has provided consultation services to research organisations, industries and governments in the areas of Technology and Strategy & Policy.


"The Buccaneer, in many cases, sets follow-up steps to what is being done within TU Delft.
It is therefore an honor to be able to contribute to these developments based on my knowledge, experience and network gained within TU Delft."